Is 67 Degrees The PERFECT Temp?


Brad and I were just chatting about “Thermostat Wars” with “Sister” Mari Claire, who works in one of our local schools. She said that it always feels chilly at work, so she keeps a space heater by her desk…Sound familiar? (I do it too.) There IS a great reason to keep schools a little chilly YEAR ROUND…THIS STUDY finds that in cooler ... Read More »


Lorde Heather

Sunday night…8pm…ABC I’d call watching the AMA’s a, “Guilty Pleasure,” but I think I get to file it under “Part of my job.” Let’s be real…If I worked at Target…I’d still watch the AMAs SUPER excited to be on lip-synch watch while  see Iggy Azalea, Charli XCX, Imagine Dragons, Sam Smith, Taylor Swift and LORDE perform. Check out the COMPLETE LIST of ... Read More »

30 Rainy Day Date Ideas


Found this list of LOCAL rainy day date ideas from Amplify Happiness Now: Arcade time.  Every town should have a classic arcade, and in Portland, Oregon it’s the Avalon Theater. Stay for a movie if you want, but definitely try to win some prizes. Roller rink. Taking your sweetie skating or watching the roller derby together is one of the most exhilarating ways to spend time in ... Read More »

A Holiday Scam To Be Aware Of…


If you happen to see a $100 bill under your windshield wiper this holiday season, be careful.  It very well could be a scam. And it’s a shame that people are so mean and manipulative so inform yourself and protect yourself! Here’s the deal:   Read More »

Clothes for a Cause


Colbie Caillat has designed a sweatshirt with ALL proceeds donated to some of her favorite charities  I like the limited edition sweatshirt and I like the cause. Clothes for a cause. Check it out:     Read More »

Leave it to Taylor Swift to knock herself out of the #1 Billboard charts spot!

Taylor Swift

ABC will be running a 4-second delay during Sunday’s American Music Awards this Sunday because they are nervous about Iggy Azalea and Jennifer Lopez’s performance of “Booty”. The stars have been told no cracks and no rubbing. You WILL get to see Taylor Swift perform her new song “Black Space” which I’m sure will be family friendly. Taylor broke another ... Read More »



If you’re like me…You can imagine music in EVERYTHING. You could be walking through the woods, or looking into you’re dog’s droopy eyes and there is something melodic and beautiful in that moment. You can practically HEAR a song. Someone decided to see what a tree’s song would sound like. The song that would be produced by cutting a ring from the ... Read More »