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Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden I just want to state for the record that I LOVED Benji Madden from Good Charlotte before it was cool. But now, Cameron Diaz got her claws into my Benji and the two are now talking marriage. A source says “Cameron has told close friends that she can really see herself settling down with Benji, ... Read More »

How Marshawn Lynch parks his car…


If you’ve ever had to find street parking you know how risky it can be.  Cars get bumbed, nudged, keyed, backed into, broken into and generally vandalized all the time.  But what if you drive a really expensive car and you have to park it on the street in Oakland? Marshawn Lynch drives a white Lamborghini and THIS is how ... Read More »

Regal Summer Movie Express


The Click Crew joined Regal Summer Movie Express presents Rise of the Guardians at Regal Alderwood Stadium 7 & RPX on July 22, 2014. Read More »

The cutest thing on the internet today.


If you have kids and you have pets then you know that they generally don’t know which toys belong to which.  This is what happens when Charlie the Beagle steals the baby’s toy, which causes the baby to cry, and then tries to make it up to her. Charlie’s apology is pretty priceless… Charlie proceeds to bring the baby ALL ... Read More »

Adam Levine Wedding Deets…

Maroon Five live in Kuala Lumpur

So Adam Levine is all married and stuff (insert sad face here). The wedding took place Saturday in Mexico and some interesting details about the affair are already hitting the interwebs.  So who officiated the nuptials?  And who performed at the ceremony? It wasn’t Behati Prinsloo‘s dad (who happens to be a minister). Instead it was Adam’s good friend, and ... Read More »