A different side of Pharrell…


At this point, Pharrell is the man of the hour.  He has one of the biggest songs of the year, he’s going to be a coach on The Voice next season and at 41 he shows no signs of slowing down!  But, here is a different side of our favorite new Happy singer! Check out his new song for the ... Read More »

Is this the world’s toughest job?


If you haven’t seen this video yet, here’s a little background information:a company placed an ad for a “Director of Operations” job and claimed it was the toughest job in the world.  All in all, only 24 people applied. The requirements included (but were not limited to) - It requires you to work standing up most or all of the ... Read More »

Six Year Old Riding…And Steering Motorcycle.


A guy took his six-year-old on a motorcycle ride… And let him STEER??!! Jacob Hughes posted this video on YouTube where’s he’s riding a motorcycle with his six-year-old son. And he lets go of the handlebars for a full MINUTE so the KID can steer. Obviously some people say it’s child endangerment, while others say he’s the coolest dad EVER. ... Read More »

Seven Unexpected Uses For Beer.


For drinking DUH! But wait there’s more…I never really thought of doing anything with beer other than drinking it but thankfully there are REALLY smart part people that figure these things out so we can take advantage of them. OR…you can look at this and say…what a waste of a perfectly good beer! Either way, here ya go!     ... Read More »

How to get through the week when Wednesday still feels like Monday.


I am no expert in human anything. In fact, I probably can’t even solve the problem in this title. But, I can tell you what I do. Sometimes, a Wednesday comes along and it feels like it’s still Monday. It’s terrible, and usually comes from the fact that you haven’t done anything but be a robot for three days. Let’s ... Read More »

Jackie Cunningham Joins Click 98.9


Hubbard Radio Seattle is pleased to announce the addition of Jackie Cunningham to the Click 98.9 Morning Show. “What a great opportunity for Click 98.9 to bring in a talent like Jackie.  To create a new morning show that will entertain Seattle like no other is a great challenge but we are certainly up to it”, says Click 98.9 Program ... Read More »

Who are your happiest Facebook friends?


They say you are the company you keep…and now an app developed by TIME Magazine is able to tell you exactly who the happiest of your friends are… It’s very scientific.  And it’s important to point out that it only looks at language…it cannot factor in any emotional information. Find out more HERE.  Here are MY results: My score was ... Read More »

The Release Date For Ed Sheeran’s New Album And A Familiar Place Where He’s Launching His North American Tour…


  Ed Sheeran will promote the June 23 release of his second album, x (pronounced “multiply”), with a headlining arena tour of North America, starting August 22 in…yup you guessed it Seattle!!!  The first single off x is “Sing,” which sounds really different for Ed (almost a little Justin Timberlake-ish) Sheeran also debuted another new song from the album on ... Read More »