What’s the deal with the alien emoji I keep seeing in my texts?

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I recently started noticing an awful lot of my friends sending me this little alien face emoji. At first I didn't think much about it but the more I saw it popping up, the more I started to wonder why they were using it. Is it some sort of "inside" thing that all the kids are doing these days? Read More »

The First Step To Making Life Changes

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I can't really talk about it yet, but I will be soon making a soul shifting change in my life. As my fiance and I navigate what could be a very positive rise from the ashes, I started to think about how this can help others. Read More »

Tom Delonge wants back into Blink 182

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Since Tom Delonge left Blink 182 for the second time, the band has replaced him with the alkaline Trio frontman Matt Skiba. But it looks like Tom might want a third chance with the band. Read More »

Homegrown (The Music Show) w/Moneta


We LOVE supporting all things LOCAL! If you’re proud of our PNW bands and artists, check out Homegrown Sunday nights at 8pm! This week, Moneta will be in the studio co-hosting with me We’ll play a couple of Moneta’s songs, plus new and familiar favorites from other PNW bands. In the meantime, check out Moneta: Read More »

Brad talks angst, intimacy, and music with Nate Ruess

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When Brad last talked to Nate Ruess, they recalled memories of Northern Arizona University and even told a few ghost stories. This time when Nate was in town for Click 98.9’s Acoustic Lounge, the two got to sit down in person and carry on the conversation. Watch as Brad talks angst, intimacy, and music in general with Nate Ruess. Oh… here’s ... Read More »