SASQUATCH! 2015 On the Bud Light Party Deck!!!


We had SOOOO much fun at SASQUATCH! on the Bud Light Part Deck! Mother Mother, Benjamin Booker, Chromeo, Milky Chance, Odesza, Shakey Graves, and Hanni El Khatib stopped by! Plus…Coulda been the Bud Light, but…We THINK we found some of the BEST celeb look-a likes! See if YOU spot Ke$ha, Anne Hathaway, Tom Green, Jennifer Garner, Kurt Cobain, Heath Ledger, ... Read More »

Be part of the RACK PACK

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Hi, June 7th is the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure at Seattle Center and this is my first year putting a team together. It’s a 5K run or walk. We’ll do it together to raise funds for the fight against breast cancer and to celebrate breast cancer survivors! Our team is called The Rack Pack and we even ... Read More »

Is “the best town ever” in Washington?

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It’s time to rally behind one of our own to show the world that the “best town ever” is right here in Washington! The deadline to vote is tonight so CLICK HERE to cast yours. (When you get to the page, scroll all the way down to the bottom and you’ll see where to vote). So which town is still ... Read More »

Johnny Depp could face how many years in prison?

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Apparently the Australian government doesn’t mess around when it comes to bringing dogs into their country! Johnny Depp found that out the hard way earlier this month when he flew into the country on his private jet to film the newest Pirates of the Caribbean movie. He decided to bring his Yorkshire terriers, Pistol and Boo, along for the ride, ... Read More »

Sounders FC vs Colorado Rapids


Did you join the Click Crew before the Sounders FC vs Colorado Rapids game on May 27, 2015? If so, you can find your picture below! Read More »

I hope MY funeral is as awesome as this duck’s…

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Somerset Village seems like a great place. Any place that celebrates their resident duck…and mourns his passing with kind words & a funeral…is my kind of town. 25 year old duck, Desmond Drake, was taken (too soon) by a fox. The owner of the pond, where Desmond resided, had this to say: He will be sadly missed, both for his ... Read More »

Awwwww. Just a bird taking a bath. [VIDEO]

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Listen, sometimes I post things and you’re probably like, “What was the point of that?” Sometimes there is no point. Take this video, for instance.  When I watched it, I felt calmer than I had before.  I literally said out loud, “Get in there and take your little bath you cute little bird.”   Sometimes you just gotta watch a little ... Read More »

How much water should you be drinking?

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Summer is rapidly approaching.  It’s getting warmer outside.  And I keep reading articles about how much water I’m supposed to be drinking.  I always thought 6 to 8 – 8oz. glasses per day was standard.  Even that is difficult for me to do.  But apparently 48-64 ounces was the OLD amount. Jillian Michaels says men should be drinking 128 ounces ... Read More »