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Russell Wilson is an actor! Entourage The Movie Is Coming.


Entourage is loosely based on the growing up and building of Mark Wahlberg‘s real life entourage. So, of course they are in the movie. Here is a short list of others in the new movie: Russell Wilson Andrew Dice Clay Warren Buffett There are so many more. WATCH…   Image Source: Caleb Ekeroth via Unsplash Read More »

What is the most effective flirting technique? Think you know? Find out here:


Hi it’s Megan and it’s time to talk flirting.  There are several ways to do it effectively but there’s one thing that works better than all of the other methods out there…as proven by science.  Think you know what it is?  HINT: It’s not hair twirling or using a cheesy pick-up line. Well in Episode 19 of Turn Down 4 ... Read More »

What ONE WORD would you use to describe the state of Washington?


So Reddit did a little experiment with its users to determine what one word people would you use to describe each state.  Keep in mind, this is one word for the entire state…not just Seattle. What do you think the word for Washington was? My guess was Seahawks. I was wrong. Apples?  Outdoors?  Mountains?  Maybe one of those was the ... Read More »

Something special at Starbucks until March 30 ONLY!!! Are you going to try it???


Starting today through March 30th, Starbucks will have something special on its menu.  It was 20 years ago when the Frappuccino first appeared in stores so obviously we have to celebrate! It all started back in 90’s and now… Today, the Frappuccino has become part of the popular culture zeitgeist, judging by its social medial presence. It has 10.9 million ... Read More »

Have a dog? Teach him to do THIS!


I started laughing BEFORE I watched this video…Then I continued laughing because it’s perfect. Watch it, you’ll understand why I want to teach MY dog how to honk the car horn. (And seriously, have you ever thought a car horn was “cute”…Good work dog…Way to make the most obnoxious sound on the planet, awesome.) Photo by …love Maegan / CC ... Read More »

Would you trade in your morning coffee and workout for “Daybreaker”


Have you heard of Daybreaker? It’s an early morning rave/dance party with live musicians…minus the drugs and alcohol. They serve coffee and other non-alky bevs… It’s REALLY the BEST way to multitask. Think about it: 1. An opportunity to meet people, IN THE DAYLIGHT, minus the beer goggles. AND 2. A replacement for your coffee stop and morning workout. RECLAIM ... Read More »