The best birthday present!


Hi it’s Midday Megan and today is my birthday.  I’m not a big birthday person, but I definitely appreciate and am grateful for all of my friends/family/coworkers remembering and reaching out today.  But otherwise, it’s just any other day to me. However, THIS is what I woke up to this morning (via text) and it’s the best birthday present I ... Read More »

BIG concert announcement…


You might want to plug your ears because I sense lots of shrieking and screaming coming on… With a staggering 94 number ones and over 46 million records sold, in just four short years, they’ve gone from energetic pop upstarts to international superstars. Go ahead and put it on your calendars NOW! ONE DIRECTION will be bringing their On the ... Read More »

Some teammates think Russell Wilson is NOT what??? I’m not sure I believe this.


This story has an MSN News source so it SEEMS credible, but I hope it’s not true!!!The report claims the Seahawks decided to trade Percy Harvin because his camp and Russell Wilsons had grown just too far apart…and Bleacher Report’s Mike Freeman gave several reasons why some players have issues with Wilson and the BIG one is that SOME players ... Read More »

Facing my fears!!


Sooooo I HATE Ouija boards. I have never and will never played with one. Oh I’ve had plenty of chances because of dumb friends who wanted to be scary. The thing is EVERY terribly scary movie I have ever seen starts with people using the Ouija Board. My thought is WHY would I try to attract something or someone from ... Read More »

The Seattle Freeway Freeze


The Seattle Freeway Freeze I have been back in Seattle for 5 months and I have discovered my new pet peeve in terms of driving and it is something that I have only experienced in the Northwest… I am calling it the “Seattle Freeway Freeze.” Basically it is when you are merging on the freeway and a car not only ... Read More »

Halloween Costumes…For DOGS?!

Mocha Jersey

We (Americans) will spend 350 MILLION bucks this October on…Drumroll…Halloween Costumes FOR OUR PETS! LOL…Love it! As a 30-something pet-parent, I’ve outgrown dressing myself and contribute yearly to that 350 MIL figure. I don’t just stop at Halloween though…I’ll dress Mocha up all year long. In addition to the costumes, he has a set of Christmas sweaters, Seahawks gear, T-shirts ... Read More »