So THAT’S what “those” stickers mean.


Just read an article about those stickers you see on some people’s car. I have always wondered what exactly what they mean. The ones that have 3 simple numbers and a decimal point on them. “13.1” or “26.2” So I have learned that it means you’ve either run a half marathon or a full marathon AWESOME for you. Listen, we ... Read More »

Getting Deep…A Song For Jourdan Bradley


When people ask me why I’m in radio, I have a few different answers…And the response REALLY depends on how intense the conversation is going to get. It’s like when someone says, “How are you?!” The standard response is “Good,” or “Well.” But if you wanna get intense about it…I’ll get deeper. Sometimes the radio story starts with artists and getting ... Read More »

Hozier, Take Me To Church, Cheating…

hozier heather

Spending time with Hozier is a religious experience. He’s charismatic, intriguing and has a soul barely contained in his 6 and a half foot frame. The way he weaves himself into his art, is magic…And if you find yourself attracted to his voice, hang on for dear life…And get ready to delve deeper into obsession. MORE MUSIC.   XOX, Heather Read More »

You can get a cat delivered to your office today


It is National Cat Day and to celebrate, Uber will deliver a cat to your office.  I am not making this up.  They’ve partnered with the ASPCA and will bring you a kitten.  But be careful, if you’re like me you might wind up with 3,000 kittens to care for…because I WILL WANT TO KEEP THEM ALL!!!! HERE is where ... Read More »

Seasonal Affective Disorder. I think I got it.


I had never heard of Seasonal Affective Disorder before I moved to Seattle.  Now that I’m heading into my third fall/winter in the PacNW not only do I know what it is…but I think I might have it. I’ve been in a little bit of a funk this week and at first I thought it was the post-birthday blues.  Then ... Read More »

Relationship Rehab – Ring Wars


On this segment of Relationship Rehab, a listener contacts the show because his fiancé is way too specific about how she wants towels folded and the house cleaned… When she is confronted about it, she drops a bomb on him about their engagement ring. Read More »



I flew over the weekend…With a cold. BAD IDEA. Think: Gunk in sinuses being shoved into Eustachian tubes as plane ascends and descends…Yeah…Instant Ear Infection. The past few days I’ve been on a Zicam, Emergen-C, Hot Tea, Nasal spray, Dayquil/NyQuil, Hot shower regime…In addition to the antibiotics. Oh and Earnest…My Cat…Helped A Lot too. I would say my dog, Mocha, ... Read More »