Would You Let A Stranger Pick Your Tattoo? These People Did.

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It was considered an art project, and in art anything goes. A pretty famous tattoo artist named Scott Campbell offered FREE tattoos. The catch is you put your arm through a hole in the wall and he inked whatever the hell he wanted! Could you do it? I say NO way. But of course I have no tattoos because ... Read More »

Car Toys Black Friday Sale


Did you join Heather and the Click Crew at the Car Toys in Tacoma for their big Black Friday sale on November 27, 2015? If so, you can find your picture below! Read More »

What is the Small Business Saturday Challenge?

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Everyone knows the day after Thanksgiving is Black Friday…but don’t forget that the day after Black Friday is Small Business Saturday. Small Business Saturday is a day to celebrate and support small businesses and everything they do for the communities they serve. It’s a way to keep things local and remember that there are more places to shop than the ... Read More »

5 Christmas songs you haven’t heard

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Christmas music can get tiring fast but if you mix it up then you may just be able to listen to it all year long. I’ve got a some Christmas tunes from some of your favorite artists! 1.) To start the list off we have Haley Williams from Paramore with Blue Christmas! 2.) Next is from The Killers, the alternative ... Read More »

American Idol Is Coming Back (But Only One More Time)

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I still remember the first season of American Idol. I thought to myself, “This is pretty good television. I’m surprised they’re wasting it by airing it in the summer.” It’s hard to remember when I thought it was good television because it’s been slipping for so long now. But Ryan Seacrest has confirmed when the show returns for its last season the ... Read More »

Are all the “crazy cat ladies” in Seattle?

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Did you know that the Seattle area ranks SECOND when it comes to the percentage of single women living with at least one cat? I mean, we've all heard of the "crazy cat lady" stereotype, but we're right behind Portland when it comes to the actual population of single women and their cats. Read More »