Top 5 Super Bowl Ads of 2016!

Credit: YouTube

A lot of people watch the Super Bowl just for the ads, and to be honest, this year’s were a little bit lackluster. However, there were a few that stood out. The point of a commercial is to leave a lasting impression. Regardless of whether or not I thought they were funny or “good”, these are the ones that I …

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Marshawn Lynch Retires the Way Only He Can

Credit: Twitter @MoneyLynch

How lucky are we here in Seattle? I mean it, since 2010 we have had the pleasure of watching Marshawn Lynch (a.k.a. Beast Mode) every Sunday during the Autumn months. He was unique, he was gritty, he was tough, and he was relentless. Above all of that he was unique, not just in the way he ran, but with how …

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Homegrown w/ The BGP 2-7-16

Photo Credit: Heather

Thanks to Brandon, Dustin, and Josh from The BGP for hanging out with us tonight! You can see them live February 20th at Winter Music Fest and March 16th at the Triple Door! Check out The BGP on Facebook!   Playlist: The BGP – Normal Things Allen Stone – Perfect World Allen Stone – Upside Death Cab For Cutie – Ghosts …

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Deadpool’s Here Just in Time for Valentines Day


A new trailer was released for the upcoming movie Deadpool movie that comes out in theaters February 12th…just in time for Valentines Day. This new trailer was really different than any of the others. It was action packed and light on the jokes…but the jokes were still definitely there. After waiting for ten years, Ryan Reynolds finally gets to play …

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Special Valentine’s Day Drinks At Starbucks Through February 14th

Credit: GooDween123 |

You have less than a week to get over to Starbucks to try one of three Valentine’s Drinks that are only available until February 14th. Starbucks has unveiled three special Valentine’s Day drinks, and they all involve lots of chocolate, the flavor of love. It’s always big news when there’s a new Starbucks seasonal drink, because Pumpkin Spice Lattes have …

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There’s Another Big Game Sunday! Don’t Forget Puppy Bowl!

row of dogs as a group or team all hungry and tonge sticking out in front of food bowls isolated on white background

Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl is more like the Superbowl of cuteness than anything else! There are no penalties and the players are pretty much oblivious to winning or losing, they are just doing what puppies do, playing! The whole things started 5 years ago as the brain child of Dan Schachner when he sent an audition tape to animal planet …

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Thunderbirds Hockey Game


Did you join the Click Crew in Kent before the Seattle Thunderbirds vs Everett Silvertips hockey game on February 6, 2016? If so, you can find your picture below!

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Superbowl Party? You Gotta Eat, Right?

Guacamole in Wooden Bowl with Tortilla Chips and Ingredients

Let’s face it, no one is interested in a sit down dinner on Superbowl Sunday, bring on the chicken wings and dips and various other finger foods. I figured I would share some of my faves with you. I’m not a gourmet and I rarely have the time to do something really involved, so the following links are to recipes …

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